The Stage 5 shocks are our top-end model featuring High-Flow technology, ultra-lightweight design and low-friction internal components. They are ideal for racers and enthusiasts who are looking for maximum performance and total control over all suspension parameters without compromise.


– High-Speed Compression
– Low-Speed Compression
– Rebound
– Spring Preload

Custom Tuning

Double E Racing offers custom tuning services for your specific needs.  If you decide to let us take these shocks to the next level, we will be in contact about specifics.

IF you decide to not have them custom tuned, the shocks will come with standard (off the shelf) tuning from ELKA.


  • Shocks are made to order.  Delivery times vary greatly.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  • If you are having Double E Racing Custom Tune these, please allow another 2 weeks.