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Want a professional opinion on your ride’s performance, or want to know more about what we do? When you’ve got questions about parts and performance—we’ve got answers. Review our FAQ section or reach out to us directly with any of your racing or riding-related questions.

Is Double E Racing just involved in Racing?
Should I call, message, text or email for best response?
Who is the owner of Double E Racing?
What does E2R stand for?
How long has Double E Racing been in business?
How do I ship my shocks?
Do you offer a Military discount?
What is Double E Racing’s top selling product?
What is your turnaround time?
What do crossover nuts do?
What does a sway bar do?
What do the holes on your sway bar do?
What makes the Double E Racing Sway Bars different?
What shocks are the best?
What is a preload nut?
Can I powder coat my springs?
How often should I have my shocks serviced?
Should I run limit straps?
What manufacturers do you make sway bars for?

Instructions & Guides

Empower your off-road journey with our comprehensive instructional videos and documents. Master installation, maintenance, and customization as our experts guide you through each step. Maximize your UTV's potential with easy-to-follow tutorials and downloadable resources, ensuring a seamless and thrilling ride every time.

Springs Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial on Double E Racing Springs, including the spec sheets we provide and how to set preload your Springs.

Sway Bar Install Instructions

Sway Bar install instructions applicable to all Sway Bar products sold by Double E Racing, excluding the Yamaha YXZ Sway Bar.

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