Product Overview

Double E Racing stock replacement Wheel/Mud Scrapers for the CanAm Maverick X3.

Double E Racing developed these stock replacement wheel scrapers with Factory CanAm Driver’s Cody and Hunter Miller.  We found a huge need to help eliminate dirt build up inside the factory 14″ wheels, as well as keep rocks from wearing the break calibers and wheels.  The factory plastic scrapers tend to break off, leaving no protection.  Double E Racing’s scrapers:

  • Are made of steel and bolt in factory location (use Loctite when bolting in)
  • Are made with our rounded edge design to help smaller rocks escape
  • Are angled to allow dirt/rocks to eject out of the wheel instead of the perpendicular factory design which dirt just accumulates until the scraper breaks.

Disclaimer:  These scrapers are made of metal, so installation with loctite and using factory torque specs on the bolts is required.  We are not responsible if these come loose and cause other problems/failures.

Shipping & Returns

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